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January 2013
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Hello and Welcome to this weeks installment of the Hollywood news! Episode 64 is populated by booze veteran, Dave Bennett and loveable rogue, Daniel Fraser. Having completed his 'Intrilogy', Dan faces that difficult fourth intro- his very own Phantom Menace. But better.
The boys sink their teeth deep into some uber interesting movie news including Jim Carrey throwing the toys out of his pram re: KICK-ASS 2, William Fichtner joining THE TURTLES cast, and Paul Giamatti inexplicably turning his talents to British TV period drama!

Reviews come thick and fast including the lowdown on DESPICABLE ME 2, THIS IS THE END, and a whole plethora of movie review-ettes from The Hollywood News' lovely reviews editor, Emma Thrower, who throws you her voice to you all the way The Edinbugh International Film Festival- CATCH!

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Episode 63 of the Hollywood Booze sees boyhood mega-chums, Dave and Joe explore the world of film in beautiful tandem. This week the boys cover AVENGERS 2 casting, Jenny from the block joining THE 33, Star Wars land and how shit it would be to work there, and much more!!

Also on the agenda is of course the top ten box office pundown, Martin Scorsese topping his Oscar by landing the trailer of the week gong, and a selection of reviews boasting Brad Pitt’s international zombie fest WORLD WAR Z(eeeee), Snitch, and a special outside broadcast from Paul ‘the piano’ Heath who tinkles the midnight ivory to the tune of a 4 star review!

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Welcome to episode 62 of the Hollywood Booze Podcast! This week we’ll be giving you our futuristic thoughts on MAN OF STEEL fresh from tomorrow/yesterday’s screening, as well as present reviews including SUMMER IN FEBRUARY, ADMISSION, and Joss Whedon’s attempt at Shakespeare in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.

In news this week Di Caprio’s cock in a jar, STAR WARS VII plot details, Jerry Bruckheimer is desperate to make TOP GUN  2 despite a dead director, MAN OF STEEL 2….already?!, and Robert De Niro and John Travolta on screen together FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! (At last)

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Greetings Boozelings! Welcome to a fun packed 61st episode of the Hollywood Booze! Present this week are Paul, Dave, Joe, and Dan. The latter will tackle the third intro of his seminal ‘intrilogy’ series, while Big Dave brings you up to date on the news. This week the awesome foursome will chat AFTER EARTH’s box office failings, the latest Bond rumours, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY casting updates, Disney and Pixar’s upcoming slate and much more!


The boys will of course treat you to your weekly dose of top ten puns and a whole gaggle of reviews including AFTER EARTH, BEHIND THE CANDELABRA and THE ICEMAN. Joe tests the boys’ film knowledge and finds that a quiz is a dish best served cold as he delivers his Icey questions.…

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It's Episode 60 and this week the Hollywood Booze is brought to you by Dave Bennett and Joe Upton. Between them they'll be giving you the lowdown on 12 hours of bonkers lawlessness in THE PURGE, post-Twilight Vampire fun with BYZANTIUM, and below par Bobby De Niro comedy THE BIG WEDDING. In this week's news the boozey twosome will be discussing fatty, fatty, Paul Giamatti's Rhino suit in the new SPIDERMAN movie, what's going on with Colin Trevorrow's JURASSIC PARK 4, the surprise contender to helm STAR TREK 3, and how Tom Cruise Avoided catching THRUSH. Don't miss it!

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This week’s show sees regulars Joe and Dave joined by recently tanned Lothario and Hollywood Booze legend, Daniel Fraser. Find out what on earth the boys have been watching, How the latest cinematic releases are faring via the box office pundown, and the verdict on this week’s releases which include THE MOTH DIARIES, SOMETHING IN THE AIR, EPIC and the big one; THE HANGOVER PART III.

 In news this week the boys toss in their tuppence on the John Gotti gangster biopic, which Irish dreamboat is set to appear in STAR WARS VII, a Halo series produced by film God Steven Spielberg, and why Lars Von Trier is shunning  A-list Genitalia. Enjoy.

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It’s Friday…just about… and the Booze is back! That’s right boys and girls it’s time to strap on those ear goggles, crack open a cold one and prepare to be mildly amused, entertain and informed about the weeks latest movie news, reviews and related chitter chatter.

In this weeks news the boys discuss a hoard of remakes and reboots –NINJA TURTLES , THE TOXIC AVENGER, GREMLINS …the list goes on and on! As well as taking a look at Alfonso Cuaron's trailer for GRAVITY and deciding which Hollywood actors they’d like to launch in to space forever. And in this week’s reviews Paul tackles FAST & FURIOUS 6. Right then – get ready to cram three boozey boys in your ears, remember to tweet in to @HollywoodBooze and be sure to tell your friends where to go for the good stuff!


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It’s Friday! It’s time for another edition of The Hollywood Booze, your flagship podcast from the boys and girls at The Hollywood News.

This week, Joe and Fordy are away doing something far more important than talking movies, so Dave and Paul are joined by a ver special guest and newbie to the 'Booze,' THN reviews editor Emma Thrower (aka 'The Duchess') to discuss the latest movie news, join in on the fun down with the film chart pundown and indulge in a little reviews action with 21 And Over headlining. Paul also has a very special quiz in store for Emma and Dave, complete with awesome prizes keeping with the 21 And Over theme. Oh dear...

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It’s Friday! It’s time for another edition of The Hollywood Booze, your flagship podcast from the boys and girls at The Hollywood News.

This week,Joe and Dave are joined by The Hollywood Booze's designated stand in, and all round Booze legend Dan Fraser to discuss the latest Marvel movie to hit cinema screens, IRON MAN 3.

The boys are also giving you another chance to bag some free booze fron Nils Oscar God Lager (pronounced Good Lager) and talk up their favourite 'metal' movies.

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It’s Friday! It’s time for another edition of The Hollywood Booze, your flagship podcast from the boys and girls at The Hollywood News.

This week, Joe, Dave and Fordy take a look at two massive releases, the Gerard Butler actioner OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and the remake of the classic 80s horror film EVIL DEAD. There's also your usual pub movie banter, top ten pundown and we reveal the winners of our Hollywood Booze beer giveaway.

Hold tight.

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