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Welcome to Episode 74 of The Hollywood Booze, the podcast from your friends at the Hollywood News. This week sees the return of drunken wanderer and commander in chief, Mr. Paul Heath! The boys talk possible Freddy Mercury's, The finer points of Elizabeth Olsen, upcoming star-studded DreamWorks pictures, and the rise and fall of Danny Dyer.
As well as that, see what the lads made of new Marvel TV show Agents of Shield, enjoy a special treat from last weeks cutting room floor, and reviews of ROMEO & JULIET, MACHETE KILLS, AND THE FIFTH ESTATE. 

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Welcome back to The Hollywood Booze! After a month’s hiatus the boys return with news that Justin Long is a Walrus, Sacha Baron-Cohen is too funny for Queen, DIANA publicity hits new lows, and Ben Affleck spends $50,000 on an entrance.

 Dave assembles his Hollywood Soccer cast, Dan does his best Kirstie Allsopp as he houses a couple in new regular feature, ‘Film Location, Film Location, Film Location’, and it’s all a little too much for Joe, who drinks too much and mixes his words up.

 Reviews this week include FILTH, HOW I LIVE NOW and EMPORER. Keep it Hollywood Booze. Always watch films responsibly.  

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Welcome to episode 72 of The Hollywood Booze. Pooey Paul Heath is absent due to stomach 'complications', and Daniel Fraser takes a week off to take stock of his 28 glorious years on God's earth. That leaves podcast regulars Joseph Upton and David Bennett to carry the can of fun filmic fluid.

This week the boys talk a possible David Brent movie, Ben Affleck sensationally cast as Batman in MAN OF STEEL 2, Dustin Hoffman and Judi Dench anda backwards Tortoise, STAR WARS: EPISODE VII updates, and Tony Jaa joining FAST AND FURIOUS 7!
All this as well as the Top Ten Pun-down, an exclusive interview with Sharni Vinson and reviews of THE WAY, WAY BACK, PAIN & GAIN, and the critically acclaimed horror YOU'RE NEXT.
This will be the last Hollywood Booze until October, so plug your earphones in and get your fill, film fans!

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Boozeling boomerangs! we knew you'd be back. Lie down and get comfy because it's episode 71 and we're ready to massage a winning concoction of filmic lotion into your backs. This week, as every week, that will include what we've been watching, the top ten pundown, and the trailer of the week. The news this week includes the latest on the state of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, EXPENDABLES 3, a possible X-MEN/FANTASIC FOUR mash-up, Bradley cooper peddling drugs and much, much more!
And it doesn't end there! The Hollywood Booze is also the place to get the lowdown on the latest reviews, which this week include the porno-rific biopic LOVELACE, the futurific ELYSIUM, and the altitude-erific PLANES!
Your movie mentors will be Joseph Upton, David Bennett, and the insatiable Paul Heath this week, but don't let that put you off...

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If you like puns about trees then boy oh boy are you in for a tree-at, sorry.  Seriously though Episode 70 of The Hollywood Booze is tree-mendous. OK enough already.

This week on the show its double D J, that's right Dan, Dave and Joe head the show with the usual pun down and movie banter relating to this weeks 'big' news stories. Strap in as we talk Vin Diesel voicing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY tree-dude Groot, The increasingly expendable rosta for EXPENDABLES 3, and which slap 'ed will go head-to-bald-head with Superman for MAN OF STEEL sequel; Mark Strong perhaps? 'Watch this space'! And quite appropriately we lose track of a news story concerning Orson Welles' first film TOO MUCH JOHNSON.

On top of that LOL-fest, the boys review KICK-ASS 2, 2 GUNS, BACHELORETTE and Disney's PLANES.

Open a six pack, kick back and prepare to crack…..up!


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Have a sponge bath, loosen your belt buckle, and get horizontal because this is Episode 69 of the Hollywood Booze. Paul Heath returns from San Diego Comic-Con like an old crusty boomerang; hard as you throw him, he always comes back. Dave and Joe join the party while Dan ‘I’m just a man’ Fraser is all give and no take with his 69 intro. The boys talk HEMAN, BEVERLEY HILLS COP 4, Johnny Depp on quitting acting, and Arnie threatening a new CONAN trilogy.

The reviews section bursts at the seams with views on THE CONJURING, THE HEAT, FROM UP ON POPPY HILL, and RED 2! All this as well as the usual top ten pun down, trailer of the week, and banter that felt top notch whilst it was being drunkenly delivered. Note that no responsibility will be taken by the boys for this not being the case on playback.  Enjoy Episode 69! And brush your teeth afterwards

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Right then…Episode 68 of the worlds most underrated movie news and reviews podcast The Hollywood Booze. This week we’re in the wake of Comic-Con 2013 and as such it’s a BIFF, SMASH and POW edition packed with the boys’ review of THE WOLVERINE and top notch movie banter on the likes of Supes v Bats, THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2, GRAVITY, THE EXPENDIBLES 3…and news direct from men in the field Paul Heath and Craig Hunter reporting on the best of the rest from the world’s biggest Comic book and movie convention. BANGERANG!

Tune in for musings on just how you go about simulating zero-G, whether Electro sounds like electricity personified…or more like a bumble bee!? And what’s happening with Max Landis’ Chronicle 3 (Spoiler alert…he’s not involved).

Crack open a cold one, plug in those headphones and be sure to join the debate on twitter @hollywoodbooze. DO IT!

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It’s that time again kids; wash the sick out of your drinking slacks because the king has returned. Yes Tom Fordy is back for Episode 67 alongside Hollywood Booze regulars Dave Bennett and Joe Upton for another week of tip top movie news, reviews and (if all goes according to plan) a few chuckles too

This week the big review is THE WORLD’S END (spoiler alert! It’s flippin’ great). Not only that but we nab a swift pint with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to talk about the film. And if that wasn’t enough for you movie podcast gluttons we’ve only got two men in the field coming straight from SAN DIEGO COMIC –CON 2013. That’s pretty bloomin’ special eh?

Alongside this fabulous set up is the legendary pun-down, and weekly news including riffs on X-FORCE, DUMB & DUMBER TO, SPIDEY 2 and I, FRANKENSTEIN….we also invent a new superhero…and it’s…erm…disgusting. Still Hugh Jackman’s game for the role!

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Greetings Boozlings – The Booze is back for another episode of movie related chit-chat so plug in those headphones and prepare to glug down a Jaeger bomb of movie news, reviews and ridiculous cinematic banter.

This week it’s Episode Sexty Sex (Ha!) and Joe Upton returns after two weeks respite and is busting to blow his movie load all over his ever obliging and stalwart podcast partner Dave Bennett.

This weeks the boys review Guillermo Del Toro’s Monster vs Robot shitfest PACIFFIC RIM and Pixar perfect MONSTERS UNIVERSITY.  Alongside the usual Box-office pun down is movie new of remakes for THE CROW, JACOBS LADDER, what in Pandora’s name could James Cameron be up to post-AVATAR 17 and several facts you never ever could dream were true (most of them aren’t) about bald beefcake Vin Deisel.

Right! Let’s get cracking


*always Chug responsibly!

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Hello and welcome to this week’s installment of The Hollywood Booze! This week sees the return of Mr. Paul Heath who takes us through all of the latest big movie news. Joining him is Hollywood Booze legend, Big Dave Bennett for a mono-et-mano edition. We have the all important UK top ten pundown, all of the latest movie previews for the weekend and Emma Thrower bringing us her Edinburgh Film Festival wrap-up. It's a goodie!

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