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December 2017
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Well, we've made it! 52 episodes and still going strong - yes, The Hollywood Booze is a year old and all of the boys, Joseph Upton, Dave Bennett, Tom Fordy and Paul Heath, are all back together to celebrate the occasion of a bottle of bubbly, a few shot shots and a bag full of beers.

This week, the four discuss what they've been watching, run down with the pun down of the top ten films of The Booze's lifetime, looking at the upcoming releases for April and May, Dave and Fordy have a cheesy line face off and we review GOOD VIBRATIONS and Paul does his very best to review G.I. JOE RETALIATION.

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It’s that time of week again! It is indeed time to kick off your shoes, unzip your pants and undo that shirt a little. Relax! Open your ears and listen to the latest episode of The Hollywood Booze.

This week, its the big one, episode #50 of you favourite boozy movie podcast, presented this week by Joe Upton, Big Balls Dave Bennett and Dan Fraser.

This week's episode is brought to you by Nils Oscar God lager.

Dark orange-gold in colour. Cold-fermentation lagered beer with a soft and sweetish fluffy nose; nose: gently toasty, a juicy malty biscuity character, a restrained citrus orange in the background. Initial impressions on the palate are of its intense bitterness and a lasting dry finish that is reminiscent of the breakfast cereal Grape Nuts; or imagine a hay barn in the summer when it hasn’t rained for a while and you can almost taste the dryness in the air. The beer delivers a vigorous piney and resiny palate-scrubbing effect to the palate, there’s also a light bittersweet side to it; this is a sexy Marilyn Monroe of a lagered beer, a beer that sways onto the palate expressing big bold flavour colours as well as soft and seductive notes.

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It's Saturday! Yes, Saturday. You weren't expecting this were you? The other evening after watching OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, which is released in UK and US cinemas next week, Fordy and Paul tip-toed to the Imperial Arms pub at the back of Leicester Square in London to record a very special episode of The Hollywood Booze.

Positioned as an interim episode between episode #48 and next week's episode #49, The Smell Of Beer sees the two talk about anything that comes to mind in terms of film, including initial thoughts on Oz, what the two have been watching since we last caught up with them, and surprisingly a very heart felt section where Fordy turns into a proper journalist and interviews Paul about the history of The Hollywood News, from conception to the present day. What started out as a bit of a giggle, swiftly turns into an emotional journey, and if you're involved in any form of blogging, film writing and criticism, you won't want to miss this rare glimpse into the mind of a Hollywood mav.... I'm taking the piss. But I hope you like it.


Paul and Fordy.

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It’s Friday! It’s time for another edition of The Hollywood Booze, your flagship podcast from the boys and girls at The Hollywood News.

This week, Dave and Joe ride solo, handing out some awful backing beds, talking Oscar parties, counting down the top ten, recapping the week's news, and letting us know what's out at the pictures this week. While drunk. It's The Hollywood Boooooze!

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It’s Friday! It’s time for another edition of The Hollywood Booze, your flagship podcast from the boys and girls at The Hollywood News.

This week its all about the Oscars and the big build up to the big day this weekend. Join Dan Fraser, Dave Bennett and Joseph Upton as they preview the event, count down this weeks top ten, review a few films they haven't seen, and down some of the amber nectar. It's The Hollywood Booze!

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It’s Friday! It’s time for another edition of The Hollywood Booze, your flagship podcast from the boys and girls at The Hollywood News.

This week, ZERO DARK THIRTY, LINCOLN and THE LAST STAND are under the pissed up bafoons microscopes, plus there's your usual top ten, film news and drunken banter.

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This week Joe and Paul are left to their own devices and in this edition, they review the Oscar nominations which were announced after last week's show. They also take a look back at the week's big movie news and look ahead at this week's new movie releases at UK cinemas. There's even a detailed review of this week's big release, Quentin Tarantino's DJANGO UNCHAINED. So, plug in your headsets, crack open a cold one and enjoy the show.

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It's 2013, and welcome to a brand new year on The Hollywood Booze. This week sees the return of the original cast members in Joe Upton, Tom Fordy and Paul Heath, all back to bring you the latest news and filmic banter.

This week the boys look back at 2012, and then forward to 2013 and the year's biggest movies. There's also brief reviews of GANGSTER SQUAD and LES MISERABLES, plus the usual top ten and much more.

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It's Chriiiiiissstmas! Once again, it’s time to pin back your ears, plug in your headsets and turn the volume up to 11 as its time for The Hollywood Booze, your weekly movie podcast from the boys at The Hollywood News.

This week is the special Hollywood Booze Christmas episode and joining Joe and Dave this week is THB regular Dan Fraser. It's all about Chrimbo this week, and the boys talk about their fave Christmas movies, plus run down the UK top ten, bring you all of the latest news and regular movie banter, Merry Christmas from the Ho-Ho-Hollywood Booze!

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